Morning Star – A Novel

A ship. A star. Our Lady.

Returning from a lost city, a vessel named after the Blessed Mother meets a deadly enemy. The treasure is lost. The Captain never returns. It is a tale of vocation, the power of prayer, and sacrificial love.

A girl makes a heroic sacrifice; a boy must overcome a vicious enemy.

“By words the mind is winged” (Aristophanes): the remarkable power for dramatic language of the sixteen year old author of Morning Star gives one the gut feeling that one is reading the first book of a writer who has the potential to become one of the most impactful Catholic novelists in the coming decades.

William J. Slattery, PhD, author of Heroism and Genius, Ignatius Press 2017, The Logic of Truth, Leonardo da Vinci Press 2016.

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What People are Saying About Morning Star

The story of Benoît, Joan, Joseph, François, and Marie Claire transcends even the swashbuckle and adventure the reader experiences… The prologue pulled me in with imagery and appeal to my five senses. Then, the father-child bond touched the heart. The “real time” links between Benoît’s circumstances and Joan’s prayers touch the spiritual life of us all.

The hidden treasure was a necessary element. This story begs for a hidden treasure. How could it be a high seas adventure without it? The hiding place was far, far more fun and “cooler” than if buried on some island. The unpredictable was fun and interesting… I am 67 years old now. I would have loved this book as a boy. However, even at 67 years old, that same boy in me was awakened.

I am now deep into reading Morning Star – at the very engaging battle with the pirates! [The author has] a very expressive writing style that I have enjoyed immensely. “Birds chirped, their tunes reaching even the most remote sections of forest, field, and seaside” is a favorite that I find myself repeating, but there are so many. It was fun to read about the jeweler M. Moissan because my great, great grandfather was a bijoutier in Paris in the 1820’s.

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Our hope is to bring to life the ancient traditions of the Church by immersing young readers in the truths of the Faith, encouraging them to strive to become saints. This first project, Morning Star, is an original novel written from an authentically Catholic perspective. Read more