About Celestine Publications

Our Vision

Our hope is to bring to life the ancient traditions of the Church by immersing young readers in the truths of the Faith, encouraging them to strive to become saints. Our two projects, Morning Star and The Whisper of Wings, are original novels written from an authentically Catholic perspective.

Young people today are in urgent need of literature that builds up and reinforces the virtues necessary to confront our present age. With this in mind, we have three principal aims. First, we want to provide stories that express true masculinity & femininity at a time when these virtues are often confused or misrepresented. Second, we seek to offer Catholic youth gripping tales that emphasize the importance of piety and a respect for God’s Moral Law, in particular the principle that evil must never be done, even when one presumes it might accomplish some great good. Third, we feel that it is essential for young men and women, now more than ever, to appreciate the need to discern one’s God-given vocation.

We also believe in the importance of stories that make God an active participant rather than an afterthought, which is often the case in contemporary works, especially fantasy literature. Novels set in the real world are naturally attractive to young people because God’s creation is full of adventure. There is no shortage of people in history who faced insurmountable obstacles yet overcame them through their heroic virtue. One cannot emphasize enough the potential that stories have to shape a reader’s moral sense. Young people need to be able to see role models who act within this world and who, when faced with trials and difficulties, succeed in doing the right thing. 

Our vision is to make accessible an authentically Catholic novel that will delight and inspire our readers, prepare them for their God-given mission, and encourage them to live this life with eyes set on Heaven.

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About the Founders

Seth Bauer

Seth is founder of Celestine Publications. When he is not serving as his parish’s organist & chant director or keeping up with college academics, you will find him spending time with his family. He enjoys raising beef cattle, gardening, and any other farm chore that involves the grubbing hoe. His other passions include writing articles, reading classics, and directing short videos for Morning Star Films.

The founders of Celestine Publications with their sister, Anna, at the Dominican House of Studies.

Bennett Bauer

Bennett is co-founder of Celestine Publications and author of Morning Star. He homesteads on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, surrounded by tidal marshes, oyster reefs, and the sea. He enjoys boat trips with his family to the Virginia Barrier Islands, taking care of their animals and extensive orchard, and writing. Morning Star is his first novel. He is also a regular contributor to a blog for young Catholics.

One thought on “About Celestine Publications

  1. Just finished reading this novel. I’m a mom of 9 and 6 boys. We also go to the TLM in Minnesota. Not my typical reading, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book. The best part was the last 20 or so chapters. Can’t wait for my older boys to read it. Hope you continue your writing. It’s well done and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

    Liked by 1 person

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