Books Arriving Soon

Dear Supporters, We have just finished sending out Morning Star to all of our backers. If you haven’t already received your copy of the novel, then it should arrive sometime next week. If you would like to continue following this project, please consider subscribing to our Celestine Publications blog. We have upcoming book signings andContinue reading “Books Arriving Soon”

Production Update

Dear supporters, Due to some quality issues with our original printing company, we were unable to get Morning Star out before Easter. However, we have switched printers and are on track to send the book out to everyone in the next couple of weeks. This will place Morning Star in your hands before the end of the Easter season. ThankContinue reading “Production Update”

Kickstarter Goal Reached!

The Kickstarter for our first novel, Morning Star, has just ended, and we are pleased to announce that we reached both our original goal and stretch goal. We are so incredibly grateful and humbled by all the support we have had for this project. Your total donations exceeded our stretch goal of $5,700, and asContinue reading “Kickstarter Goal Reached!”